For today’s economic and social environment, issues related to social responsibility and sustainability are gaining more and more importance.

CSR can be understood as a process that integrates social and environmental concerns in organisational operations.

CSR for schools is a collective social responsibility. School education has probably been one of the favoured areas of corporate bodies for CSR programs due to the sheer effect it can have in moulding the future generations. The main focus of Delhi World Public School is to determine; to help in creating a better society. As a Delhi World Public School family we feel responsible to actively contribute our best efforts to enhance the lives of our society and the environment. For Delhi World Public School family, CSR is born for the upliftment of the weaker section of the society.

The main focus areas are-

  • Adopting and supporting needy orphanages and schools.
  • Creating a green environment.
  • Providing medical aid and education for remote rural areas.

Besides their homes, the school is one place in the child’s life, where seeds of sensitivity of the needs of the community are sown and nurtured.

They learn to follow up on their empathy towards people and situations through the following programmes:

  • Labour Day
  • Joy of giving
  • Blanket and Woollen Clothes Collection Drive
  • Books Collection Drive