1. Registration Procedures and Rules
  • Registration Forms are to be filled in and submitted to the School Office before the end of the Registration period.
  • Incomplete or illegible Registration Forms, without photographs will not be processed/accepted.
  • Date for interaction will be given at the time of registration. The School authorities reserve the right to change the date and time of Interaction/Aptitude Test.
  • Mere issuing of form and registration does not guarantee admission, which is subject to the availability of seats and other procedures.
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate issued by Municipal Corporation or concerned civic authority must be attached with the Registration Form for Class Pre-Nursery, Nursery & Prep. Photocopy of Report Card of the last exam passed must be attached with the Registration Form for Classes I & above. If the results have not been declared, admission will be subject to submission of the document after the results and till such time admission granted will be provisional.
  • Age for admission to Class Pre-Nursery is 2 and half years in April. Age should be properly specified on the forms.

  1. Admission Procedure

    Aptitude Assessment & Interaction:
    There will be an aptitude assessment for students seeking admission from Class 3 and upwards. Only those candidates who clear the assessment will be called for an interaction.

    Admission Formalities

    • Candidates, whose names are included in the list must pay the fee by the dates indicated on the list, otherwise admission will automatically stands cancelled.
    • Parents are requested to carefully fill and submit the Admission Form, Transport Form and Medical Form at the time of payment of fee.
    • The date of birth of the child is required to be supported by the Birth Certificate in original issued by the Certificate issued by Municipal Corporation Local Body as applicable, along with a certified Photostat copy thereof. An affidavit or any other evidence is not acceptable in place of Birth Certificate. It is to be attached with the Admission Form for classes Pre-Nursery, Nursery & Prep. For class 1 and above, Transfer Certificate is to be attached.
    • The child will be granted for the student Identity Card only after all forms are duly filled and the admission formalities are completed.
    • Parents are to report to the Reception Counter of the School on the dates specified in the joining instructions.
    • Your ward has to report in School Uniform, along with Books and Stationary as prescribed by the School.

  1. Refund of Fees
    • Fees once paid is NOT REFUNDABLE for any reason whatsoever.

  1. Withdrawal Rules
    • Application for withdrawal is to be made on a prescribed Performa available in the School office. No child can be withdrawn till a written request from parents is put up. Fee will be charged for the full quarterly even if the child is not present.
    • Transfer Certificate will be issued after one week of the receipt of the application and clearance of all dues.
    • Once the T.C. is issued, a child will be considered as a fresh applicant for Admission.

  1. Transport Rules
    • Request for using the School transport must be made at the beginning of the session.
    • It will be the sole responsibility of the parents to escort the child to and from the designated bus stop. The transport facility is extended at the sole risk and responsibility of the parents.
    • Any suggestions or complaints should be reported to the Transport In charge. Parents cannot give instructions to driver or conductor or call him on phone.
    • The vehicle will stop only at the pre-decided stops for picking up children. A parent CANNOT request pick up and drop from two different stops. Those who are late will reach School on their own.
    • For security reasons, students who miss the School vehicle from the assigned stop will not be picked up from subsequent stop.
    • In case a Parent/Guardian is not present at the stop to pick up the child while being dropped back, the child will be driven back to the School. The Parent/Guardian will have to then pick up the child from the School.
    • On the first day of School, the parent must drop the child. Transport facility will begin from the dispersal time.

  1. Right of Alteration/Modification
    • The Management reserves the right to modify, alter and or include any other terms and conditions that may be deemed fit in the interest of the institution, without prior notice.

  1. Medical Facility
    • The School has a well-equipped Medical Room to deal with any emergency.
    • The School provides facilities for First-Aid only.
    • The School cannot be held responsible for injury suffered by a child. No reimbursement of charges would be made towards any medical treatment.

  1. Procedure of Fee Payment
    Fees is charged quarterly for every student.

    • Fee at the time of admission is to be paid by Demand Draft/ Cheque.
    • The name of the ward, Class and Admission No. & Phone No. of the parents should be written at the the back of the Demand Draft/ Pay order/Cheque.
    • Fee is payable at the School office between 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
    • Those using the School Transport must ensure that the correct amount is paid along the fee.
    • Quarterly fee is due for payment, by the 10th of every month. A Fine of Rs. 50/- per day will be levied from the 11th of every month in which School dues are to be paid till the end of the month. In case where a cheque issued for any payment is dishonored by the Bank for reason of insufficient funds, a penalty of Rs. 500/- will be charged and if dishonored due to any other reason a penalty of Rs. 200/- will be charged. The name of the child is liable to be struck off the rolls, if the fee is not paid by the last date of the concerned month.

  1. Disclaimer: All the above terms & conditions are subject to amendment from time to time as per the decision of the School Management. The decision of the School Management shall be final in all matters pertaining to the admission process and matters of the School.

  1. Important Information:
  • No certificates are to be submitted along with any form unless specified.
  • This form is only for Registration for Admission.
  • Kindly attach the Report Card of last exam passed for Admission to Class 1 and above.

  1. Note: Only the Registration Form should be submitted at the time of Registration.
    Admission Form and other forms are required only after the child is granted admission.
    Kindly keep a photocopy of all forms for your records.