An interdisciplinary approach towards teaching will help to provide an extra edge to the teaching efficiency.

For in service program, the opportunities must be included for learning and sharing ideas and will be designed by the teachers in cooperation with the head of the academic department. A range of activities will be provided for teachers to reflect on their classrooms.

As far as knowledge is concerned the teachers can develop confidence and improve their general teaching ability.

There are certain principles which have to be 13344511_1753511918223536_69505020092211465_ntaken for prior importance

  • It is the responsibility of the teacher to be up to date with respect to recent developments in his/her fields.
  • A teacher should regularly engage in a process of reflection on her own professional activity in order to improve her own practice.
  • A teacher is expected to engage in professional development throughout her career in an autonomous way. She/He is expected to follow a Personal Development Plan.